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Truvison | Its Got Soul 



The Sight for Television

Our Cornea technology is designed to enjoy a pleasant viewing experience.
Our LED Tv’s are built with cornea technology to ensure a relaxed movie experience with minimal strain caused to the eye. Cornea technology acts as a catalyst in controlling the radiation from the screen, its main function is to balance the emitted light from the television & synchronize the colours of the picture in order to enrich the complete visual ambience.


Truvison Turbotek

Feel the Power of Sound.

Turbotek, the only technology with thrilling sound by Truvison. Our products produce a high level of sound that could amaze you with its size. It’s one of its kind sound adds impact to all action sequences and brings a rejuvenated power to your music.
Let the power of sound engulf you with the incredible sound engine Turbotek.



The stunning noir audio system, is enthralling with its audio effect.
The sheen appearance of the system will uplift the aesthetic look of your home.